Vision & Mission


“Market leadership beyond borders”

HAKA group is committed to being recognized as a leading conglomerate business by ensuring market leadership in a variety of industries through the development of sustainable core competencies and effective business practices. It strives to ensure that all aspects of its operations meet the highest standards pertaining to superior quality, customer satisfaction, and professionalism.

In addition, we have a vision to create and nurture employee satisfaction by cultivating work environments that are conducive to employee safety, productivity, and efficiency, which are essential for meeting high stakeholder expectations and growth projections.


The conglomerate group’s sole objective is to ensure its products, services, and business practices satisfy the diverse needs of its stakeholders including its customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. As a group of companies operating in multiple industries, we believe that driving business value through meeting stakeholders’ expectations enables us to stand out from our competitors and make us a reliable and responsible organization, playing an active role in social, economic, and environmental change. The HAKA group is constantly focused on shaping and leading the markets in which it operates.