The Taldeen Company is a recently established subsidiary to provide steel construction and steel frame design solution to clients within Saudi Arabia and in other locations in GCC countries. Under the wing of decades-long experience of HAKA group, the Taldeen Company is committed to provide state-of-the-art building solutions to clients. The company has a team of client service professional who are able to tailor projects according to the needs of their clients. It also ensures high standards of quality through its team of experts, who make careful inspect and maintenance, so that customer satisfaction is met great precision and professionalism.

Ansal Construction Company, another subsidiary of HAKA Group in the construction sector, has been established in order to carry out building and civil engineering projects including electro-mechanical works and has been classified as a grade AA building contractor.

Geared for a commercially competitive market the primary objectives of the company are to provide the highest quality of construction within the clients budget and to meet the needs and expectations of our clientele. Our motto is 'Committed to Progression'. The management team of Ansal comprises qualified engineers who have great experience in Saudi and in the GCC region.