CEO Message

The current CEO and President of HAKA Group, Khalid H Al-Gahtani, is the eldest son of founder Sheikh Hasan Abdul Karim Al Gahtani. Ever since taking over the group’s leadership, Al-Gahtani has continued his father’s legacy in steering the group into new territories and diverse sectors. With renewed optimism about the significant role the Group can play in contributing to the economic prosperity of Saudi Arabia.

Khalid H. Al Gahtani

“We envision accomplishing new milestones and targets in existing business sectors as well as in emerging markets by maintaining strong ties with our valued network of partners. Our establishment of the recent Taldeen subsidiary company, for instance, is our commitment to provide ground-breaking solutions to our clients.

Fostering our variety of businesses on core business values, such as empowerment, reliability, respect, and a consistent dedication to deliver results, is our dedication to continually enhance the quality of our business practices and our numerous products and services.

We also take a keen interest in playing a major role in the development of Saudi Arabia through our extensive charity and social development activities. Our optimism and relentless pursuit for success has enabled us to become a group above-par excellence and be the catalyst for the country’s economic development.

Extending our sincere gratitude to our stakeholders for their continuous trust and long term partnership which we value the most, we pledge to be a global company that you can be proud of. We are committed to the progress of our clients, economy, community and the individuals of HAKA group”.

Khalid H. Al Gahtani
President & CEO, HAKA Group