HAKA Motors

Established in 1986, HAKA Motors provides transport equipment solutions to a number of business segments within Saudi Arabia. Through its highly specialized and skilled technical and administrative staff, HAKA Motors is the main provider for Moffett Forklift & Western Star Trucks, based in Dammam.

The company is an advocate of utilizing modern management and leadership styles, which has played a vital role in contributing to the development of a consolidated business foundation. HAKA Motors offers a diverse product line to its clients including the following:

  • Fire trucks
  • Industrial pumpers
  • Airline washer trucks
  • Aerial bucket trucks
  • Digger Derrick trucks
  • Lubrication trucks
  • Hot-liner washer trucks

Over a period of twenty nine years, HAKA Motors has built a solid reputation through its dealership operations in cities Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah.

It has steadily grown as a result of its sale of Moffett trailer mounted forklifts to commercial as well as material handling sectors, such as construction and beverage industries.Furthermore, it has proudly been the dealer of DAF trucks and today has professionally served the transport requirement of blue chip companies, such as SEC (Saudi Electric Company), Al-Marai, Pepsi, NADEC, DHL, ADC, Aramco, and more.

The company in addition to truck and equipment sales also provides spare parts and modern equipped technology for maintenance and repair services, providing customer satisfaction in a holistic manner. This has made HAKA Motors a highly trustworthy name in an intensely competitive industry.

HAKA Motors has been able to gain a sizeable market share in the immensely competitive Saudi transport industry. With their distinctive company vision and business strategy, they have been able to successfully market the Moffett Truck Mounted Forklift and Western Star Trucks, which is the distributor of TEREX utility spare parts and Altec Worldwide parts.

As for the company’s performance, HAKA motors have attained stellar results owing to the expansion of their service facilities throughout different locations around the country and are, at the moment, in the process of developing a new service in Jubail and Al-Jouf. They also, currently, have contracts with SEC for repair and maintenance services involving heavy machinery.

This outstanding milestone has only been possible due to HAKA Motors’ strong commitment to upgrade their product and service quality. Through this continuous improvement, HAKA Motors has been able to maintain its competencies and competitive advantage throughout different competitive cycles.