Group History

“The Gahtani legacy has been founded on capitalizing on lucrative opportunities to provide greater stakeholder value.”

The conglomerate group was founded as a transportation and general trading company by the late founder, Sheikh Hasan Abdul Karim Al Gahtani, in the year 1967 in the Eastern Province of Al-Khobar. After operating his business for more than a decade, Sheikh Al-Gahtani anticipated the potential for the company to diversify by stepping into the manufacturing and consumer products sector.

Due to the rapid growth of the Saudi population at the time, the business decision proved to be extremely worthwhile, leading to the formation of the Fadeco Foods Company in 1979.

Six years following the establishment of Fadeco Foods Company, Sheikh Al-Qahtani set up the Al-Eman Printing and Packaging Company in 1985 to serve as a support business for the growing requirements it encountered in the food sector. A decade later, the group saw a profit-making opportunity to enter the Fine Foods retail business in 1995 through the founding of Lazord, a company specializing in premium chocolate and confectionary products.

In 1997, the group made a strategic move to enter the immensely lucrative Real Estate sector in Saudi Arabia and beyond by establishing a number of subsidiaries. This led to the development of more than 12 million square meters worth of undeveloped property land into residential towers and industrial parks.

The HAKA group today continues to expand more into diverse industries. It recently setup the Taldeen subsidiary company to offer steel building and frame design solutions to clients operating in Saudi Arabia and in other GCC countries.