HAKA Overview

The HAKA Group is a conglomerate based in Saudi Arabia that was founded by the late Sheikh Hassan Abdul Karim Al Gahtani in 1967. The group was initially founded as a transportation and general trading company and within a short space of time, grew into one of the most established and diversified group of companies in the country.

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Exceptional years of experience and competitive advantage has allowed HAKA Group to successfully diversify into numerous industries. Today, the HAKA group has proven itself as an established conglomerate business operating in a diverse range of business sectors from logistics to food and drink and from construction to real estate, owning a flourishing mix of brands under its umbrella. It has built a fine reputation as a conglomerate business and enjoys excellent relationship with a number of local and international partners. It has pursued aggressive growth policies and occupied a significant market share in each industry. Its empire-like growth has resulted in the management of various subsidiary companies, each of which commit to excellence and market leadership as well as playing a key role in the economic prosperity of Saudi Arabia.

The following are the list of different business sectors the HAKA group is part of.

  • Business Services
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Education Technology
  • Automobile
  • Food Industry