Core Values

The HAKA group operates its subsidiaries and business activities based on the following core values.


We make sure that any work effort is driven by a strong sense of team spirit and partnership with an aim to build strong ties with our business partners and stakeholders. In doing so, we maintain a cohesive network of clients, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. HAKA Group maintains a network of strategic partners through strong business connections to provide value to its stakeholders and the economy as a whole. This allows us to bring new ventures and business ideas to Saudi Arabia and other regions with professionalism, accuracy, and quality of our products and services.


We strive to ensure that every sphere of our products and services reflects the highest standards in quality and professionalism. We employ a sophisticated mix of effective working procedures and resources to ensure quality always remains intact through our Quality Management System. We further set objective and target for measuring our performance and actively seek feedback to address problem areas and opportunities for improvement.


Our commitment to cultivating a strong market presence with diverse commercial interests is evident by the diversity of our business operations. We manage a number of subsidiary companies that are market leaders in their respective categories and continuously assess their practices and strategies for improvement.


We continually update our operations and standards to become a reliable business partner in the eyes of our customers, business partners, and shareholders. Our emphasis on efficient customer service and inter-departmental co-ordination enables us to foster business credibility and trust among our clients.


We are highly committed to optimizing our operations to achieve consistent growth in a number of areas such as sales revenue, market share, gross and net profit, ROI, and more.


Our progress is driven by the level of customer satisfaction we offer while providing our products and services to our clients. We focus on identifying and developing the right core competencies in addition to the resources and capabilities required for keeping considerable market leverage over our competitors.


Our organization strongly believes in showing respect to our various stakeholders. We make sure the value is instilled deeply across our work environment and higher management, and by doing so, we reflect a professional and positive working atmosphere.

Confidence and Empowerment

We cultivate a culture where our workforce is embedded with a passion for accomplishment by giving them the necessary empowerment. We show confidence in the work of others and believe that building trust is the pathway for high labor efficiency and achievements.